Three Ps a Man does when he is in love


Ever wonder if your relationship is heading in the right direction? Are you utterly tentative over the emotion whether your boyfriend or fiancé loves you completely or not? Have you been confounded if your significant other is truly committed to you or not? If all of these questions are bothering you to any extent lately then there is something which you need to know ladies. In order to understand the deep loving side of men, one has to understand the fact that man is the provider, protector, and saviour of women. This has been a ritual for millions of years now and none can defy this fact veraciously. So now this approach applies in man’s love life too which means if he has been showering over you all these three Ps then you can profess readily that he is the one!!! All you need to know are these 3 Ps in order to judge if he is the man of your dreams or not. If a guy does these all three Ps for you then it is inevitable that you both make vows someday. So let’s dig into these impeccable traits of Ps.

1. Protect

A true lover is the one who makes her sweetheart feel protected around him. It’s nothing like carrying a pistol when you two are on a late-night walk but rather it’s all about respecting her privacy, avoiding uncomfortable sexist convos even during the midnight. In fact, a true admirer of you will never let you walk all alone to your house at night in fact he will make sure that his darling reaches home all safe and secure and for that, he may bear thousands of steps. A man is always ready to climb mountains for you even he will swim every ocean for you but if it is something that he is not preferring to do then it’s not hypothetical to say that your relationship will end in smoke someday.

2. Profess

A man who is in love with you will bring up your name in convos with his friends even he might be seen hinting at his friends about his new crush. All this sounds way too adorable and cute but deep down there is the nature of man in love hidden. So let’s understand it. Men have always been known to build a territory over their possession so by bringing up your name among his friends, a man is marking his territory around you and thus professing to the world that you belong to him. So that none of his friends can date you or even can not dare to think of you. Kudos to such a masculine aura!!!!!

3. Present

A man who adores you will never miss a single opportunity to present you not only in terms of gifts but as well as with his kind gestures such as holding a car door for you or grabbing shopping bags for you. He will present you with sweet and gracious words as well either in person or over text. A man usually devotes himself financially only when he is ready for a true long-term relationship. So if you have seen your man throwing big parties for you then you both really have a good chance of ending up together.

However if these 3 Ps stand against you then just keep in mind there is utterly something better waiting for you and somedays we need to keep ourselves grounded even it has always been better to give up something indifferent earlier than wasting your time, energy over it. Not only this, make some rigid and bold decisions now so that you can have a tremendous future ahead. Whilst if you are substantially blessed to have such a man around you then don’t let him go!!!!!!!

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