The Richest Comedians in the World

It has been evident that many people think of standup comedy as an unreasonable or petty profession even some belittle this industry by professing that comedians are all about tiny tiniest performances. Not only do these people consider it to be a profession that has low esteem. However, this is not the case since comedians have house-filled football OR Olympic size stadiums that generate million of dollars in revenue annually. Even some of the stand-up comedy series on Netflix has produced gross profit more than some of the films or albums. Even Tv appearances either on talk shows or game shows allow these comedians to earn lakhs or thousands of dollars per episode. This is the reason why some comedians are quite above some of the singers, actors in the list of Forbes’s highest-paid celebrities.

So if you have been dreaming about acquiring your name in the Forbes highest-paid celebrity list, then this line of the entertainment industry could be your pick.

The top ten richest comedians are mentioned below from bottom to top:

10. Jay Leno Net Worth 2021: $ 350 million

James Douglas Muir Leno is an exceptionally well-known American comedian who commenced his comedy career early in 1973 at Emerson College. Apart from being a comedian, Jay Leno is also a writer, producer, actor, and also television host. Jay is one of the richest comedians in the world in 2021.


9. David Letterman Net Worth 2021: $ 400 million

David is known to be the longest-serving host of the show. He is also known for his unique and professional hosting.

8. Byron Allen Net Worth 2021: $ 400 million

Allen commenced stand-up comedy at a very young age. Allen was even given an invitation by Jimmy Walker to be part of his comedy writing team.


7. Bill Cosby Net Worth 2021: $ 400 million

Apart from his great comedy career, Bill has a decent career in acting


8. Larry David Net Worth 2021: $ 400 million

Larry David who’s real name is Lawrence Gene David, takes the number six spot of our top 10 richest comedians in the world in 2021.

5. Ellen DeGeneres Net Worth 2021: $ 450 million

She is known for her gregarious soul even she is the founder of the motto” Be kind to one another”.She is all about dancing and fun owning a tremendous clothing line ‘ellen’ as well as production units. She has also been an author of books.


4. Matt Stone Net Worth 2021: $ 500 million


Matthew Richard Stone is an American comedian who is not only an actor, writer, producer, and animator. Matt stone has been awarded during his career, he had won five Primetime Emmy Awards for his achievement with South Park.


3. Trey Parker Net Worth 2021: $ 500 million


Trey has received several prestigious and pious awards in his entire career making him one of the most decorated comedians in the world.


2. Matt Groening Net Worth 2021: $ 500 million


Matt Groening is wildly well known even celebrated for being the creator of The Simpsons.  It is the longest-running U.S. primetime television series in history.


Jerry Seinfield Net Worth 2021: $ 950 million

 It is quite justifiable to profess Jerry as the “king of comedy” looking at the tremendous amount of success he has acquired in his career as a comedian.

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