The 10 Richest Singers in the world

None can defy the fact that the art or entertainment industry of America particularly is eye-catching whenever it comes to generating billion dollars revenue as one’s income. Veraciously It has always been a victorious platform for someone who has a volition to rise to fame. So this top-notching industry in terms of money has been rewarding to artists even in terms of fame, glory, and wealth. Yes, all the elegant decorum required to lead a most heartily cherished life is REWARDED by this entertainment industry. Besides, people here sell a record or album in million dollars. Not only do these singers not only engage themselves in a performance or music industry-oriented work but in order to increase their wealth and assets, they have been witnessed spending in different lines such as clothing lines, cosmetics brands or even paid promotions over Instagram. All this together boosts up one’s wealth. Even music artists make up to lakhs just by their tiny tiniest appearance on T.V.

1. Paul McCartney

He has been a solo performer as well as a part of the GREAT BEATLES.

Net worth: ~ $1.2 billion

2. Paul Hewson a.k.a. Bonos

He has been a member of  U2. He is an Irish national and has been known for his bad-boy image in the music industry.

Net worth: ~ $700 million

3. Robyn Fentya.k.a. Rihanna(DIVA)

Veraciously speaking, Rihanna is a music sensation, a true feminist who has been winning on every walk of life and setting an example for all females out there. She has been known for her biggest hit of all time” work’.It collaborated with Drake.

Net worth: ~ $600 million

4. Madonna Ciccone(GODESS)

She has always been an evergreen beauty. In Hollywood, she is known for her headstrong and expressive nature. She has even used her songs in order to endorse feminism. She is the only female artist in Hollywood who has a 50 NO 1 HITS.

Net worth: ~ $570 million


5. Mariah Carey

She is known for her harmonization in music as well as her self-sufficient attitude make her least likable in the entertainment industry. She is a solo artist.

Net worth: ~ $540 million

6. Elton John

When speaking of John, one can not confine himself from recalling his all-time hit song ‘candle in the wind 1997’.This is a true musician who even knows who to make his audience laugh.HE has always been performing as a solo artist. He is the Founder and Owner of Elton’s Closet. Even he is the only successful gay musician up till now.

Net worth: ~ $520 million


7. Dolly Parton

He was born on  January 19, 1946, in Pittman Cente, USA. He has been sailing in the music industry as a solo ship too.

Net worth: ~ $510 million


8. Gloria Estefan

He is a solo artist too even he is a US national.

Net worth: ~ $500 million


9. Bruce Springsteen

His source of wealth are Broadway shows,
Books selling, This gentleman has been a national crush,

Net worth: ~ $490 million


10. Celine Dion

She is a solo artist. This diva is known for her MY HEART GOES ON song sang for the titanic movie.SHE is a Canadian national and adores spending time in the USA. She owns a fragrance line (for Coty)

Net worth: ~ $450 million






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