Money Heist Season 5 Release Date and Story details

The trailer of Money Heist Season 5 Part One was released on Monday. And as expected, it is loaded with intense action. The crime-drama is just one month away from release, and expectations are only set to soar after watching the trailer. The nearly two-minute long video shows the gang and The Professor at their most vulnerable phase. While the gang is trying to get over the death of Nairobi, Lisbon‘s entry inside the Bank of Spain seems to act as a catalyst. There are several flashbacks presumably of Tokyo with her boyfriend who was killed at the hands of the cops, Berlin’s backstory with Tatiana and a lot more. Denver-Stockholm and Rio-Tokyo also seem to resolve their differences before taking on the enemy. “This is no more a robbery. This is war.” The trailer aptly hints at a war between the gang and the army that’s inside the bank to nab the former. On the other hand, Sergio aka The Professor is at the mercy of inspector Alicia Sierra. While we see Sergio handcuffed, chained and being tortured, we know there’s more to what meets the eyes as our mastermind has miraculous escape plans every time things go awry. And we expect the same again.

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