Expensive watches

Expensive Watches

It is a reality on the ground that wearing a watch makes one look more punctual, disciplined and rule-bound. This means one can wear it on their dates, interviews so they can score on the respective grounds. As a matter of fact, watches have always been a symbol of elegance, sophistication even they tend to showcase glamour too since each trait can be displayed by the type of watch 0ne is wearing since watches are of many types ranging from vintage, sporty to fancy, elegant. It is no wonder that watches are bought annually in millions of quantity which makes this line a million-dollar revenue generating market. Paris fashion week or Dubai fashion week, all seem to introduce multiple different watches in their walk and as a result, some of these watches are bought and sold at million dollars. It’s not only about celebrities such as Victoria Beckham wearing them which makes these watches so expensive but what makes these watches expensive furtherly is their unique design and carving with gold, diamond or platinum. Yes! it is true that some watches have embossed diamonds into it or platinum plating. This is why some watches are way out of the league so now glance over some of the most expensive watches in the world.

1. Graff Diamonds Hallucination

Featuring a kaleidoscopic array of 110 carats of different coloured diamonds in a range of different cuts, set into a platinum bracelet, With the eye-wateringly high price tag of $55 million, it was first unveiled at Baselworld in 2014.

2. Graff Diamonds The Fascination

This timepiece consists of 152.96 carats of white diamonds and a 38-carat pear-shaped diamond dial in the middle, which can also be worn as a ring. A convertible watch means double bang for your buck—all $40 million of it.

3. Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime Ref. 6300A-010

This timepiece has two dials, one on the front, one on the back. Both dials are blue opaline with gold-applied numerals and 18K solid gold dial plates. The case is white gold and the strap is made of navy blue alligator leather.

4. Breguet Grande Complication Marie Antoinette

Legend has it that this watch was originally commissioned for the iconic French queen and fan of life’s finest things, Marie Antoinette, by one of her lovers. Crafting this exceptional piece took around 40 years and she was executed before the work was complete.

5. Jaeger-LeCoultre Joaillerie 101 Manchette

its utterly unique profile, made from white gold and featuring a series of polished and diamond-set links, plus a miniature calibre 101 movement.Brand Jaeger-LeCoultre crafted this intricate timepiece as a gift for none other than Queen Elizabeth II to celebrate the 60th year of her reign, it would give you some idea of what to expect.

6. Chopard 201-Carat

With 874 diamonds—201 carats in total—in a whole range of spectacular colours, this 25 million dollar watch is probably the magnum opus of the Swiss watchmaker, a favourite of both A-listers and royalty. 7. Patek

7. Philippe Henry Graves Supercomplication

Originally crafted in 1933 for a wealthy American banker by the name of Henry Graves, this Patek Philippe gold pocket watch took 7 years to design and build, back when watchmaking had to rely on craftsmen rather than the calculations of computers.

One of the world’s most expensive pocket watches, its impressive range of complications includes a perpetual calendar, minute repeater with Westminster Chimes, sunrise and sunset times, and a celestial chart based on the night sky as it looked from Graves’ home in New York.

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