Expensive Perfumes for Ladies


It’s quite rewarding when your boyfriend hugs you and admires you for your exotic vibes and elegant aroma. It’s like nothing can define such an ecstatic feeling. By using a sophisticated perfume, you can make him chase you all around the house even such perfumes range in price. These perfume lines are as big as any clothing line by any celebrity even it’s a million-dollar revenue-generating business itself. Some of the topmost expensive perfumes are as follows:


1.  Joy Baccarat Pure Parfum, Limited Edition

Jean Patou’s Joy, created in 1930, has always been notoriously pricey. It was, for most of the 20th century, considered the costliest perfume you could buy due to the sheer extravagance of its floral content—an astonishing 10,600 jasmine flowers and 28 dozens of roses per bottle.



2. Les Royales Exclusives Jardin dAmalfi Fragrance

British perfumery Creed, creator of fragrances beloved by Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly, introduced this Royal Exclusive scent in 2011 to celebrate the house’s 250th anniversary. The notes are an olfactive evocation of an Italian garden—effervescent, sunlit citrus, soft rose and apple, woody cedar, vetiver, and cinnamon.



3. Original Collection No. 1 Feminine

Clive Christian’s No. 1 Imperial Majesty, created in 2006 and issued in a limited-edition run (as in, 10 bottles) of diamond-studded Baccarat crystal flacons, was named the World’s Most Expensive Perfume by the Guinness Book of World Records.



4. Love is in the Air Limited Edition

You could do worse than gifting a perfume lover—or just a lover—with this ode to amore. Sensuous white musk, delicate jasmine, and fleshy plum characterize the romantic juice, but it’s the bottle that puts it over the top: gemstone-encrusted glass, topped with two silver lovebirds.



5. Roja Haute Luxe

Roja Dove is a lavish, flamboyant perfumer, a man who isn’t afraid of even the most decadent overdose of exquisite ingredients. Haute Luxe is a chypre oriental that practically drips money. Stuffed to the brim with rose, jasmine, and ylang-ylang, and grounded with earthy, spicy, ever-evolving base notes of ginger.



6. Amorem Rose Parfum presented in a Lalique Crystal Flacon

An opulent, smoky rose, crafted by master perfumer Maurice Roucel with notes of Bulgarian Rose, Saffron flowers, Baltic Amber, and Mahogany wood, Amorem Rose is housed in a Lalique crystal flacon, “Les Hirondelles,” representing the flight of love.




Another almost inconceivably petal-packed Eau—containing 250 Grasse centifolia roses per bottle. And for those not yet willing to pony up for the celebrated perfumer’s bespoke services, which start at $35,000, a way to own a Kurkdjian masterpiece for a relative steal.


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