5 Things You Should Tell Yourself Every Morning

 Isn’t it true that we all tend to suffer from fear of failure? We all wonder whether I’ll accomplish what I want to accomplish. Such hypothetical scenarios are way too lethal to someone’s mental health. So storiesia has brought you some tips which will prevent you from a mental breakdown of a fear of failure. Let’s explore them then!!!!!!!!!!!



Once you get up from your bed. Tell yourself ‘I can and I will. This is a proactive approach. Stephen R Covey writes in his book ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People about this proactive approach. He narrates people who are successful don’t let other’s behaviors, environmental conditions influence them rather they influence them.

2. Be Humble

This is the most underrated trait of successful’s people. It’s not the humbleness that succeeds you, it’s the simplicity derived from humbleness that succeeds you. So be humble and be simple which will save you a lot of time and you will be able to nail on the important grounds.


3. Today is The Day

Turn on Ellen’s show theme song ‘today is the day. This will boost you up and you will be able to make most of it. Sing along with the singer today is the day I have been waiting.

4. Bad Days Are Not for Ever

Just tell yourself while pouring your green tea from the kettle that this is the new day and if I stick to discipline I can do whatever and I can acquire anything. Please never let yourself down just because you had a rough day yesterday. As this is a new day, your emotions gotta be new too.

5. I am Here for Myself

Isn’t it true that we all need a shoulder to cry on, someone with whom we can have genuine laughter over a synthetic smile but what if we end up being all alone since it’s a busy world everyone is in rush on one has got time for anyone.It’s not that others are mean or vicious but rather they are themselves highly engaged in their lives. So after all of this, just tell yourself ‘I am here for myself’.

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